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D. Malchior Nunes Carneiro Leitão, S.J.(1576-1581)

Bishop Melchior Nunes Carneiro Leitão was a Jesuit missionary who became the titular bishop of Nicaea in Goa of  India in 1560.   He came to Macao in 1568 and his service included the pastoral care work, setting up the Holy of Mercy, St. Rafael Hosptial and St. Lazarus' Leprosarium.  When the diocese of Macao was established in 1576, he was appointed the Diocesan Administrator, directing the diocese and taking care of the Episcopal affairs in the Far East.  He retired in 1581.  Two years later, he died of asthma in Macao and was buried in St. Paul's Church.  Later, his relics were transferred to the Cathedral. 

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