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CN/16/017/2020-Chancery Notice




Chancery Notice


FROM 16TH MAY 2020


1)Parishes will have to add or adjust Sunday Mass times according to expected number of attendants. Starting from 16th May 2020, the following special Sunday Mass time schedule will take effect until further notice:



2)Parishes will have to add or adjust Sunday Mass times according to the expected number of attendants. The number of Sunday Mass attendants entering the churches should be limited in order to ensure safe distances are kept between people especially when they are seated. If the maximum capacity is reached, those who cannot enter the churches are to be diverted to adjacent halls, playgrounds, or other open spaces where they can watch the live broadcast: again always keeping a safe distance between them. Please keep the 1 metre social distance between persons both inside and outside church premises. Members of the faithful who cannot enter the churches may also be invited patiently to wait to join the next Mass available.


3)Upon entering churches, the faithful should be asked to follow the infection prevention guidelines and the instructions of parish staff, wear masks at all times, take body temperature checks, use sanitizers, etc.


4)A respectful bow to each other during the exchange of the Sign of Peace during Mass will suffice.


5)Holy Communion will be distributed to the faithful during Mass in the form of bread only; the distribution of the Precious Blood is to be suspended until further notice.


6)Sacred ministers and extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion are to cleanse their hands thoroughly before the distribution of Holy Communion (e.g., with alcohol rub sanitisers); they should also cleanse their hands after distributing Holy Communion.


7)Holy Communion does not need to be given on the tongue for now but may be given in the hand.


8)Any collection is to take place after the distribution of Holy Communion.


9)Any faithful who manifest symptoms of infection (such as coughing, fever, and respiratory discomfort), feel indisposed or ill, or those who are worried for themselves about the pandemic mic remain dispensed from Sunday Mass obligation and are advised to seek appropriate medical attention.


10)Reception of groups of pilgrims and tourists from abroad remains temporarily suspended.


11)Starting from 17th May 2020, the special measure of distributing Holy Communion after the live broadcast Sunday Masses will stop. The live broadcast of Sunday Masses in Cantonese (09:15) and Portuguese (11:00) will continue (, without the distribution of Holy Communion afterwards. The live broadcast of the English-language Mass (17.00) will cease.


12)The above measures regarding the resumption of Sunday Masses only apply to the 9 parish churches and to St. Augustine's Church. Other places where Sunday Masses used to be held, such as schools and the Penha Hill Chapel, etc., remain closed for public worship.



Given at the Chancery Office, Macau, 27th April 2020.


Rev. Cyril Jerome LAW, Jr.


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