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CN/11/015/2021 -​ Chancery Notice--Guidelines for Strengthening Sanitary and Epidemic Precautionary Measures





Chancery Notice

Guidelines for Strengthening Sanitary and Epidemic Precautionary Measures


In order to keep up with public health and epidemic preventative measures, the Diocese is announcing the following guidelines, with immediate effect, until further notice, for the attention of all in charge of churches and communities, parishioners, and visitors.

A. Green "Macau Health Code”

1. All churches and venues (e.g. chapels and halls) where public Mass is celebrated on Sundays (including Saturday evening anticipated Sunday Masses): all faithful and visitors are requested to show their green "Macau Health Code" valid for that day to the staff on site.

2. On weekdays (Mondays to Saturdays), all entering the following churches in tourist districts should also present their green “Macau Health Code” valid for that day: Sé Cathedral, St. Dominic Church, St. Lawrence Church, St. Augustine Church, St. Joseph Seminary Chapel, St. Anthony Church and the Penha Hill Chapel.

3. For those who do not have a mobile phone to present their health code, please complete the specific form on site.

(B) Body temperature checks will be required before entering churches, and use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers and proper wearing of face masks is compulsory.

(C) For those with obvious signs of bodily discomfort, such as persistent cough, fever, runny nose, etc., please seek medical advice as soon as possible and avoid going to church for the sake of charity and consideration for others. The Diocesan Bishop reiterates that faithful who are unwell are dispensed from Sunday Mass obligation.


Given at the Chancery Office, Macau, 9th June 2021.


Rev. Cyril Jerome LAW, Jr.


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