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CN/14/018/2021-Chancery Notice - A Youth Commission Preparatory Office





Chancery Notice

In order to better coordinate diocesan-wide youth ministry, the Diocese will have the following arrangements.

  1. A Diocesan Youth Commission to be established on 27th November 2021 to co-ordinate youth ministry in the Diocese.

  2. A Youth Centre to be attached to the Youth Commission to replace the existing Diocesan Youth Pastoral Centre.

  3. A Youth Commission Preparatory Office will be set up from 1st August 2021 to prepare for the preliminary work of the future Office and the Youth Centre.

  4. Director of the Preparatory Office for the Youth Commission: Mr. Bosco Wong Kuok Leong; Deputy Director: Miss Tammy Chio Chu Cheng

  5. The Youth Commission Preparatory Office will be temporarily located on the 3rd floor of the Diocesan Youth Pastoral Centre, Rua do Padre João Clímaco no. 30, until further notice.

  6. The Diocesan Youth Pastoral Centre will operate until 26th November 2021.

To celebrate the closing of the Year of Youth and the establishment of the Youth Commission, a Diocesan Youth Day will be held on 27th November, jointly organized by the Youth Commission Preparatory Office and the Year of Youth Preparatory Committee, details of which will be announced later.

Given at the Chancery Office, Macau, 14th July 2021.

Rev. Cyril Jerome LAW, Jr.


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