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Updated Diocesan Guidelines on Epidemic Prevention--CN/22/026/2021



Chancery Notice

Updated Diocesan Guidelines on Epidemic Prevention

 (effective 25th September 2021)


Due to the latest epidemic development, Bishop Stephen LEE announces the following arrangements with effect from 25th September 2021 until further notice.

1.        Apart from implementing the usual epidemic preventative measures, all parishes and Mass centres currently offering public Masses on Sundays and weekdays are required to maintain adequate seating distances and to shorten the time of celebration. Churches are not open to the public outside Mass times.

2.        All public Masses should be suspended in schools, religious houses and old age home chapels.

3.        Sunday Mass obligation is dispensed for those who are unwell, those with a red/yellow health code, and those living in areas under quarantine.

4.        All other large gatherings in the Diocese, such as Sunday School and seminars, will be suspended.

5.        For live Mass broadcast and latest information, please visit the Diocesan website at

Given at the Chancery Office, 25th September 2021.

Fr. Cyril Jerome LAW, Jr.


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