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CN/21/027/2022--Chancery Notice


Chancery Notice

In line with the latest epidemic preventive measures promulgated by the Chief Executive, Bishop Stephen LEE announces the following arrangements for Masses and the Sacraments in the parishes.

(1) All churches will remain closed on the evening of 23rd July (Sat), 24th July (Sun) and the evening of 30th July (Sat). Anticipated and Sunday Masses remain suspended on those days.

(2)  Parish priests will determine the details of the administration of the Sacraments as necessary. Parishioners are reminded to pay attention to the arrangements in their respective parishes. All those entering the churches are required to show their green health codes, have their body temperature checked, wear KN95 (or above such standard) masks, disinfect their hands and keep an appropriate social distance.

3) Starting from 25th July, the schedule of the live webcast Mass will be updated as follows:


–   07:45 (Cantonese),

–   18:00 (Portuguese),

–   18:45 (English).


–   09:15 (Cantonese),

–   10:15 (English),

–   11:00 (Portuguese).

(Live stream at


Given at the Chancery Office, Macau 20th July 2022

Rev. Cyril Jerome LAW, Jr.


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