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Ukraine: Holy See always ready to mediate


By Linda Bordoni

Cardinal Secretary of State, Pietro Parolin, on Sunday reiterated that the Holy See's is willing to do everything possible in order to help bring the war in Ukraine to an end confirming his availability to act as a mediator in talks between Moscow and Kyiv.

Speaking shortly after Pope Francis’ urgent and repeated appeal to stop the war “in the name of God”, Cardinal Parolin was interviewed by Italian state television. Recalling his conversation just days ago with the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergej Lavrov, the Cardinal explained that while having taken note of the Holy See’s proposal, on the Russian side "there have been no signals so far" that suggest it is inclined to take advantage of the opportunity.

The Cardinal also pointed out, however, that "it is not important that the Holy See's offer be accepted.  The important thing is that a way is found to put an end to all that is happening," and he expressed his hope that ongoing contacts and other mediations will have a positive outcome.

On the other hand, Cardinal Parolin said, the Church is doing a lot, recalling the Pope's repeated appeals for peace, prayer initiatives, solidarity, and continued contacts with the Apostolic Nuncio in Kyiv.

The Cardinal Secretary of State also stressed the importance of the many demonstrations calling for an end to the conflict in Ukraine, recalling that, during the Angelus, the Pope invited everyone to join “in calling for an end to the war.”

Signs of hope

Even in Russia, he noted, there are many movements for peace, and this is a sign of hope.

Finally, commenting on Pope Francis' words at this Sunday's Angelus, Cardinal Parolin said he was impressed not only by the Pope’s words, which were strong and incisive, but also by the way in which he spoke revealing the pain that he feels.

“That can only be so. We are all grieved and appalled at this war that makes no sense.”

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