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D. João Paulino de Azevedo e Castro(1902-1918)

Seminarist José da Costa Nunes first came to Macao in 1903 as the personal secretary of Bishop João Paulino de Acevedo e Castro.  In the same year, he finished all his couses in St. Joseph's Seminary and was ordained as a priest.  He was appointed Bishop of Macao in 1920.  During his office he had renovated Santa Rosa de Lima College and built the St. Clara's chapel, repaired the bishop's residence, the Penha Chapel, the Bishop's Office and the Cathedral.  He had also invited the Jesuit missionaries to take care of the seminary again, founded the Pui Cheng School, Mong Tak School, Kung Chon School, and St. Joseph's College.  In 1940 he was appointed as Archbishop of Goa, and was nominated cardinal in 1962.  He died in Rome in 1976 at the age of ninety-six.

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