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D. João de Deus Ramalho, S.J. (1942-1954)

Bishop João de Deus Ramalho was a Jesuit missionary.  He first came to Macao in 1924 and took his mission in the District of Shiu-Hing in China two year later,  where he had been the vicar general.  During the Pacific War in 1942 he was appointed Bishop of Macao.  While executing his office here, he took great care of the refugees from the nearby regions, he sheltered the priests and nuns who escaped to Macao.  He also built convents, set up a few social service organizations, reconstructed the seminary, developed the St. Joseph's College and purchased a house at Rua da Praia Grande as the Normal School of the College.  He resigned in 1954 and returned to Portugal.  He died in 1958 at the age of sixty-eight.

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