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D. Paulo José Tavares (1961-1973)

Bishop Paulo José Tavares arrived at Macao in 1961 to inaugurate his office. He had participated in all the conferences of the Second Vatican Council (1962 to 1965).  Catholic social and educational services were at their peak during his mission in Macao.  In his term of office he remodeled the parishes of the diocese giving them a new territorial division, established our Lady of Fatima Parish, and constructed the Chapel of Our Lady of Sorrows in Ká-Hó, Coloane.  He was also the first to appoint a Chinese vicar general to his diocese.  The number of organizations and schools that he set up came to be twenty.  He died of illness in Lisbon in 1973 at the age of fify-three and was buried in his hometown in the Azores Islands in Portugal.

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