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CN/6/008/2021 -​ Memorial Plaques for the Unborn – “Angels’ Wall of Names”


Chancery Notice

Hospital Chaplaincy Pastoral Appointments and Service Telephone Number

The Catholic Diocese of Macau is setting up a monument of memorial plaques for unborn children, “The Angels’ Wall of Names”, in the ossarium hall of the Diocesan Funeral Home. This monument serves to honour the dignity of human life and to offer parents solace by naming their babies with name plaques in their memory.

A blessing ceremony officiated by the Most Reverend Bishop Stephen LEE will be held on 24th April 2021 at 3 p.m. marking the inauguration of the wall of memorial plaques.

The Macau Diocesan Commission for Life is the designated agency for processing the applications. For further information and application procedures, please visit the Commission website at Application is now open.

Macau Diocesan Commission for Life

Tel: (853)28921139

Address:  Rua Formosa, N°3, Centro Diocesano, 2 andar L, Macau

Office hours: Monday to Friday (closed on public holidays)

9:30 - 13:00     14:15 - 18:00


Given at the Chancery Office, Macau, 14th April 2021.

Rev. Cyril Jerome LAW, Jr.



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