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Chancery Notice - CN/24/030/2022


Chancery Notice

Given that Macau has entered a period of stability in epidemic prevention, Bishop Stephen LEE announces the following arrangements, effective from  2 August 2022.

(1)   All parishes shall resume public Mass and liturgy on weekdays and Sundays.

(2)   During the month of August, no communal meals will be permitted in the public areas of the parish.

(3)   All churches are required to implement the latest guidelines announced by the Government for epidemic prevention, and the faithful are urged to cooperate actively.

(4)   The Bishop has dispensed from the Sunday obligation the aged, the sick, and those who feel unwell.

(5)   The broadcasting of live weekday Masses will be cancelled. Only live Sunday Mass broadcast will continue as usual:

         09:15 (Cantonese)

         11:00 (Portuguese) Live streaming website:

Given at the Chancery Office, Macau, 1st August 2022.

Rev. Cyril Jerome LAW, Jr.



Supplementary note:

Due to the large number of people attending Sunday and solemn Masses in church, the Diocese announces that, in line with government guidelines, the faithful are requested to present a negative nucleic acid test result valid within 3 days before entering the churches for Sunday and solemn Masses during this stabilisation period.For those who attend weekday Masses only, no nucleic acid test result is required before entering the churches.

1st August 2022

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