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D. Francisco de Nossa Senhora da Luz Chacim, O.F.M.(1804-1828)

Bishop Francisco de Nossa Senhora da Luz Chacim was a member of the Franciscan Order of Friars Minor.  He was appointed Bishop of Macao in 1804 and inaugurated his office the following year.  During his service in Macao, he set up a foundation for helping the poor and established the Congregation of the Lamb of God for ladies ( closed in the 20th century).  In 1824 the St. Clara convent was on fire and Bishop Chacim found a new place for the sisters.  In both years of 1823 and 1827, he was appointed president of the Council of Government Affairs of Macao.  He died in 1828 during his term of mission in Macao and was buried in the Cathedral.

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